Wachter Team was founded in 2011 as an aswer to many changes in connection with perception of dogs by society. The activities of this company are in it's way a return to ancient traditions of centuries long cohabitation of man and dog, as seen through the eyes of modern times. Since ancient times the dog has been not only our helper, but our guide and companion as well. Just the demands became very specific and diversified. That is the reason we are one of the unique companies in Czech republic for our focus on comprehensive pre-training, problem solving and training for different objectives.

In the heart of the company are Hana and Radek Böhme, a married couple with years of experience in the field of dog training and breeding. At the same time they are cooperating with specialists and with their help they can provide overall services for dog owners and users.
With it's activities Wachter Team supports the functioning of the „Kynologický klub" in Česká Lípa. Due to this cooperation it uses high quality fascillities and has the quality of conditions required for top cynological services.


WACHTERTEAM Nový Bor tel.: +420 723 032 671 email: wachterteam@czechmalinois.cz
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