Practical preparation for training

Preparation of Dogs for Personal Protection and Guarding

 If you have a dog of a working breed, we can help you to train him for your personal protection and as a watchdog. To prepare a dog for these activities is not strictly dependent on the age of the dog. Wachter Team can bring out these qualities even with older dogs. Training a working breed dog brings an answer to a frequently asked question –Can my dog protect me and my property? If you own an estate and need a watchdog, we can offer a fully trained pedigree dog and help you to build a kennel for him. We can also offer further care for this dog – food, veterinary care and fitness or further training.

Handlers and Guard Dogs for Rent

  Due to years of practice and array of trained dogs Wachter Team can provide special services like guarding cultural, sport or other social events. You just need to tell us the extent of event and range and Wachter Team will offer a corresponding number of dogs with handlers. Thanks to their vigour and controllability our dogs can often eliminate conflict beforehand. Their presence  and  self esteem itself repels hooligans and intruders. They will clearly let you know: „Don’t try any funny business, we are fast and adamant! We are Wachter Team!!!“ 


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