Companion dog training

Basic Training

The core activity of Wachter Team is a complete basic training.  If you are trying to get a dog for a specific purpose and you don’t want to wait for a puppy to grow up, we can offer a young dog, which is pre-trained, so you can carry on with further training according to your wishes and needs. The  standard is basics in obedience, tracking and guarding.  According to your wishes we can focus on a specific activity.

Problem Solving

Bringing up a dog can be difficult and sometimes problem solving is required. Wachter Team offers help with problem dogs irrespective of their age or breed. The most frequent problem behaviour includes uncontollability, anxiety, agrression  and unsufficient socialization. The time span of „Well Behaved Dog“ course is individual and always  dependent on the owner’s approach as well.


Dog TrainingTraining facility of ZKO Slovanka in Česká Lípa is among the best equipped in the Czech Republic. One of the activities of Wachter Team are regular dog training lessons which take place here. Regardless of age and breed of the dogs, it is just their desire to work, that is important.


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